I had awful neck pain for weeks before being referred to see Dr. Sotanoff by a friend. After going to see him I immediately felt better! Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful. Obviously, Dr. Soltanoff is a miracle worker. I haven’t had any neck pain and I feel better in general.

– Erika Nell

Hi. My name is Jen and I found out about Dr. Soltanoff’s practice in an email special he did through the Good Times. I’d been having back and neck problems for years and been to several chiropractors here and there but never found anyone who got straight to the problem and made me feel better immediately. The office is nice, atmosphere is great and relaxing and Dr. Soltanoff is tender and I look forward to my next appointment. Tiffany the massage therapist is also amazing. I can honestly say I feel better than I have in years. Thanks!

-Jen McMillan

I was in severe pain in my shoulders, neck, elbows and wrists. I was getting care under workers comp., which wasn’t helping after almost one year. I finally gave up on that and started to see Dr. Soltanoff with a recommendation from a friend. After my first appointment my pain was lessened and continued to reduce with each subsequent appointment. I’m able to type now for more than a few minutes without pain. Dr. Soltanoff is the only doctor I’ve seen who has truly helped me- all without medication or needles! And, with kindness, compassion and humor.

-CJ Neustadter

Dr. Soltanoff haled my whiplash injury that resulted from a rear-end car accident on Christmas Eve 2008. I suffered several weeks after the accident with excruciating neck and upper back pain, headache, and tingling in my arm and fingertips. As a school teacher, the stress of my injury plagued me on a daily basis and caused emotional distress. I decided to give chiropractic care a try and found Dr. Soltanoff! I walked out of his office after my initial visit and immediately felt better. His treatment plan with Active Release Techniques, gentle adjustments, and expert care healed my whiplash, but I continue regular visits to maintain optimal health. Thanks to Dr. Soltanoff, I have never felt better, and for that, I am forever grateful.

-Cindy Nowell

I tore my right medial meniscus (knee cartilage) in 2007. Thanks to Eric Soltanoff and his Active Release Therapy, I lead an active an active life and have avoided surgery. When I first hurt my knee I was in a lot of pain and could barely bend my knee. I was told the surgery was the only remedy. I thought there had to be a less invasive choice. Dr. Eric’s name kept coming up when looking up a solution other than surgery. Dr. Eric worked on my knee a few times a week for the first few weeks. His manipulation of the scar tissue has kept me healthy so I am able to do things I enjoy (cross fit, run, bike, body surf…) with monthly “tune ups” and routine exercise to keep my knee strong. I have remained healthy, happy and pain free. Thanks Dr. Eric!

-Lorna way

Injury coming in! Badly damaged/ compressed disc in my lower back with continuous pain. I am a 59 year old woman who loves to backpack. My goal is to be able to resume backpacking, and be healed and pain free. I came in with extreme pain and trauma. My experience with Dr. Soltanoff and Chris (PT) was fantastic. Dr. Soltanoff used a combination of adjustments and muscle stretches to heal my back. It was incredible. Having a physical therapist (Chris) working hand and hand with the chiropractor greatly enhanced my recovery. My whole body was strengthened and stretched. Because the office is not part of a large medical clinic I got individual care with continuity. Chris is the best PT I have ever worked with. He took as long as he needed at every appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Soltanoff and Chris. This was my worst injury and best experience in my life. I have never before had the types of treatment Dr. Soltanoff offers. Again, it was fantastic! Thank you so much.

-Eileen Williams

I came to visit Dr. Soltanoff for the first time a few months ago. Dr. Soltanoff treated me for my hips, feet and knees. In addition to traditional chiropractic treatments he includes active release and graston techniques, which were both new styles of chiropractic relief for me. Treatments have been very beneficial in my day to day health, and in respect to my active lifestyle. I recommend Dr. Soltanoff to all of my friends and family, especially those who live an active lifestyle like me, or anyone just in need of natural care for their bodies! He also recommended orthodics to me, which have been very helpful in my active lifestyle. His office manager is very helpful and friendly too, and I always feel welcome, which adds to an overall positive and enjoyable office visit to the chiropractor.


I was told about Advanced Chiropractic by a close friend who had amazing healing form Dr. Soltanoff’s chiropractic treatments. I was so impressed by what I was told about active release technique and Dr. Soltanoff’s approach to his patients’ that I had to give Advanced Chiropractic a try. I can honestly say that Dr. Soltanoff has given me a new life. Within several treatments he had healed what many other chiropractors had attempted to fix for years. I also have family members and many friends who have all had great experiences. If you want to be healthy and pain free again, give Santa Cruz Spine and Sport a try. You will not regret it!

-Brook Hardy

I have been coming to your chiropractic office for treatment of my left ankle which I broke in November 2007. This injury has left me with 9 screws and a plate which has been causing severe pain and tightness, and has affected full use of my ankle making even walking difficult. I have been diligently training at a gym with a trainer specifically for my ankle and have been under professional physical therapy with some improvement. Since I have been under your care I have noticed dramatic improvement in my ability to use my ankle with significant increased mobility, and minimal pain and tightness. Your combinations of treatments have been in my view extremely successful. I want to thank you for your continued care and I look forward to what I believe will be closest to a full recovery. Thank you,

-Virginia Kallman

My job as a self-defense instructor is tough on the body – comparable to being a crash test dummy! Dr. Soltanoff’s combination of therapies – heat, Active Release Therapy (deep massage, stretching) Chiropractic work and advice – have done wonders realigning my neck and fixing my lower back problems. My spinal column is pain free for the first time in a VERY long time! Dr. Soltanoff is the best chiropractor I’ve been to… he could fix Humpty Dumpty!

-Cordelia Clancy

I have had TMJ pain, clicking and locking for 10 years. I have been to a dentist, a TMJ specialist, two physical therapists, an accupuncturist and massage therapist, none of which helped. I have seen Dr. Soltanoff at Santa Cruz Spine and Sport for one month and have noticed a significant decrease in pain and also the clicking and locking.

-Wendy Kraft

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